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Description - Philatelic Literature Publisher/Author Photo Price
Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps Unitrade Associates cam Call for latest price
Canada and the Universal Postal Union BNAPS   $29.95
The Standard Catalogue of Canadian Booklet Stamps Bill McCann cam $14.95
The Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue E.S.J. van Dam cam $21.95
Specialized Catalogue of Canada Post Official FDC A. Chung & R.F. Narbonne   $21.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.1 - The First Cents Issue Michael Milos   $2.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.2 - The Centennial Issue Michael Milos   $5.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.3 - The Edward VII Issue Michael Milos   $2.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.4 - The Admiral Issue Michael Milos   $3.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.5 - Canadian Cello Paqs & Souvenir Articles Michael Milos   $3.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.6 - The Small Queens Michael Milos   $3.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.7 - Caricatures & Landscapes Michael Milos   $6.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.8 - The Medallion Issue Michael Milos   $6.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.9 - The Early Elizabeth Era 1952-1972, Part 1 Michael Milos   $6.95
Canadian Stamp Handbooks - No.10 - The Early Elizabeth Era 1952-1972, Part 2 Michael Milos   $16.95
Canada Constant Precancel Varieties Hans Reiche   $10.95
Canadian Stamp Booklets: Dotted Cover Dies 1935-1955 - Cerlox Bound Peter Harris   $20.95
The Stamp Bug Douglas & Mary Patrick cam $10.95
The Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue J.E. Kraemer, D. Marasco, B. Field   $18.95
The Canada Precancel Handbook H.G. Walburn   $16.95
The Pioneer and Semi-Official Air Stamps of Canada 1918-1934 Longworth-Dames cam $19.95
Catalogue of Canadian Railway Cancellations Lewis M. Ludlow   $45.95
Canadian Mail by Rail 1836-1867 Gillam   $32.95
Canadian Stamps with Perforated Initials Johnson & Tomasson   ---
Steam and the North Atlantic Mails J.C. Arnell   Special $29.95
Canadian Military Post Offices to 1993 Bailey and Toop   $34.95
The Airmails of Canada and Newfoundland - Hardcover     $81.95
Canada: The War Tax Stamps War Tax Study Group   $4.95
Civil Censorship in Canada During World War I A. Steinhart   $12.95
Canadian Philatelic Handbook Mechem   $3.95
Canada: The Admiral Issue 1911-1925 George C. Marler   $10.00
The Canadian Lathework Design - Pamphlet Hans Reiche   $2.95
Admiral Cancels - Saddle Stitched Hans Reiche   $2.95
Canadian Tagged Errors and Tagged Perfins Ken Rose   $10.95
Canadian Meter Postage Stamp Catalogue Ross Irwin   $24.95
Canadian Definitives, 1952-1953 Karsh Robin Harris   $29.95
Canadian Definitives, 1954-1962 Wilding Robin Harris   $29.95
Canadian Definitives, 1962-1966 Cameo Robin Harris   $29.95
Canada: B.N.A. Philately Richardson   $9.95
Constant Plate Varieties of the Canadian Small Queens Hans Reiche   $4.95
The Canadian Postal Act and Post Offices 1878 and the Canada Split Ring Proofs Symonds   $19.95
Colour Guide for 3¢ Small Queens - Loose Leaf     $31.95
The Post Offices and Postmarks of London, Ontario Shantz & Demaray   $2.95
Canada Post Offices 1755-1895 - Hard Cover Campbell   $40.00
Ontario Post Offices, Volume 1 (Alphabetical) Robert C. Smith   $35.95
Ontario Post Offices, Volume 2 (By County and District) Robert C. Smith   $45.95
Ontario Post Offices - Both above volumes Robert C. Smith   $71.95
The Canadian Postage Due Stamps - Perfect Bound Reiche & Chung   $9.95
The Early Rapid Canceling Machines of Canada Sessions   Special $8.95
The Bickerdike Machine Papers Newman   Special $9.95
Plate Varieties - Canada 1¢ Small Queens Ron Waldston   $11.95
Early American Perforating Machines and Perforations 1857-1867 Winthrop Boggs   $3.95
Supplement to the Tobacco Tax Paid Stamps of Canada and Newfoundland Including a Study of the Liquor Bottle Seals of Canada Brandom   Special $5.95
The Postal History of the District of Assiniboia 1882-1905 Kell   Special $9.95
Northwest Territories Postal Cancellations 1907-1986 O'Reilly   Special $12.95
Canada Fancy Cancellations of the 19th Century Day and Smythies   $9.95
The Squared Circle Postmarks of Canada Dr. Moffatt and Glen Hansen, BNAPS   Special $19.95
Newfoundland Specialized Catalogue John Walsh   $122.50
Territorial Assiniboia & Saskatchewan - The Westhaver-Thompson Collection Gray   $49.95
Canada - the 1967-1973 Definitive Issues Irwin & Freedman   $19.95
Strike, Courier & Local Post of the Elizabethan Era     $9.95
The Canadian Posted Letter Guide, The Classic Period, 1851-1902 Charles G. Firby & Victor L. Willson   $22.95
The Nova Scotia Post: It's Offices, Masters and Marks - 1700-1867 MacDonald   $14.95
Pioneers of Canada, The People on Her Stamps Alan Salmon   $19.95
Post Offices of Alberta Edited by William G. Robinson   $19.95
Post Offices of New Brunswick 1783-1930 George MacManus   $29.95
The Mystery of Prince Edward Queen - Saddle Stitched Eckhardt   $2.95
The Postage Stamps and Cancellations of P.E.I Lehr   $19.95
Canadian Postage Stamps 1953-1974     $10.00
Checklist of Canada's Definitives 1954-1976     $2.95
The Stamp Collectors Handbook Unitrade   $8.95
Postage Stamp Identifier Unitrade   $7.95
Description - Postcard Literature Publisher/Author   Price
Canadian Picture Postcard Catalogue Wally Gutzman   $12.95
The Canadian Patriotic Postcard Handbook 1904-1914 Wally Gutzman   $12.95
The World of Donald McGill     $21.95
19th Century Advertising Cards - Paperback Herbert D. Loomis   $3.50
Description - Miscellaneous Literature Publisher/Author   Price
The History of Airlines in Canada John Blatherwick   $12.95

British Commonwealth

*The Collect British Stamps, British Concise and Collect Channel Islands catalogues are
typically available annually, whereas the other Stanley Gibbons catalogues can be ordered.*

Ref. # Description - British Commonwealth Photo Price
--- British Commonwealth - Volume 1 1840-1952   Call for latest price
Ref. # Description - Single Country Catalogues   Price
G2871 Australia   -
G2980 Bahamas & Bermuda 1st Ed.   -
G2879 Brunei, Malaysia & Singapore   -
G2984 Canada 2nd Ed.   -
G2984 East Africa   -
G2988 Eastern Pacific   -
G2872 Falkland Islands   -
G2986 Indian Ocean 1st Ed.   -
G2975 Ireland   -
G2989 Leeward Islands   -
G2978 South Africa   -
G2987 Western Pacific 1st Ed.   -
G2990 Windward Islands   -
Ref. # Description Great Britain Specialized Stamp Catalogue   Price
G285 Volume 1, Queen Victoria   -
G0286 Volume 2, The Four Kings   -
G2810 Volume 3, Elizabeth II, Pre Dec.   -
G2820 Volume 4, Elizabeth II, Dec. Def's.   -
G2852 Volume 5, Spec. Iss.   -
4844 Volume 5, 1998-1999 supplements   -
Ref. # Description - Great Britain Concise Catalogue   Price
G2887 Published each April, Full Colour   -
Ref. # Description - Collect British Stamps   Price
G289 Collect British Stamps -
Ref. # Description - Channel Islands & Isle of Man Stamps   Price
G2855 Channel Islands & Isle of Man Stamps   -
Description - Topical Price
Stanley Gibbons - Collect Birds on Stamps, 5th Ed. Call for latest price
Stanley Gibbons - Collect Aircraft on Stamps, 2nd Ed. -
Stanley Gibbons - Collect Railways on Stamps, 3rd Ed. -
Stanley Gibbons - Collect Ships on Stamps, 3rd Ed. -
Stanley Gibbons - Collect Fungi on Stamps, 2nd Ed. -
Stanley Gibbons - Collect Chess on Stamps, 2nd Ed. -
Stanley Gibbons - Collect Shells on Stamps -
Stanley Gibbons - Collect Fish on Stamps -
Stanley Gibbons - Collect Motor Vehicles on Stamps -




Part # Description Publisher/Author Price / Euro
MC6002 Germany Regular Catalogue Michel Call for latest price
  Germany Specialized Catalogue 1849-1945, Volume 1 Michel -
  Germany Specialized Catalogue 1945-Present, Volume 2 Michel -
  Special Ed. in English (N. Ger. Confederation, German Empire, Foreign P.O.'s, Colonies, City States, War, Propaganda, Forgeries) Michel -
MC8205 German Private Postal Stationary Michel -
  Deutsche Felfpost catalogue 1937-1945 Michel -

United States


Ref. # Description  Price
--- U.S. Specialized Catalogue Call for latest price
--- U.S. Pocket Catalogue -


Ref. # Description  Price
US101 Postage Stamp Catalogue for U.S., U.N. & Canada
Call for latest price


Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue

Description - Philatelic Literature Price
Volume 1, USA and countries of the World A-B Call for latest price
Volume 2, Countries of the World C-F (Canada) -
Volume 3, Countries of the World G-I -
Volume 4, Countries of the World J-O -
Volume 5, Countries of the World P-Slovenia -
Volume 6, Countries of the World Solomon Islands-Z -

Scott Classic Countries of the World Catalogue

Description - Philatelic Literature Price
Countries of the World A-Z 1840-1940. Also includes British Commonwealth to 1953.
Full colour. Hard cover only.
Call for latest price

Basic Handbooks

Description - Philatelic Literature Publisher/Author Photo Price
How To Collect Stamps H.E. Harris   $10.95
The Stamp Collectors Handbook Unitrade cam $8.95
Postage Stamp Identifier Unitrade cam $7.95

Miscellaneous Stamp Catalogues

Description - Yvert & Tellier Catalogues Publisher/Author Price
Volume 1, France Only (2011) Yvert & Tellier Call for latest price
Volume 1b, Monaco, Andorra, Europa, U.N. (2011) Yvert & Tellier -
Description - Netherlands Publisher/Author Price
NVPH Netherlands Specialized Catalogue, 2010 Ed. - Soft Cover   -
Part # Description - Michel (Printed in German language) - Europe Publisher/Author Price / Euros
MC6081 Central Europe Michel -
MC6082 South-west Europe Michel -
MC6083 South Europe Michel -
MC6084 South-east Europe Michel -
MC6085 North Europe Michel -
MC6086 West Europe Michel -
MC8714 Austria Specialized Michel -
MC8616 Switzerland / Liechtenstein Specialized Catalogue Michel -
  Channel Islands (2002/2003) Michel -
Part # Description - Michel (Printed in German language) - Overseas Publisher/Author Price / Euros
MC8634 Australia & Oceana (2002/2003) Michel -
MC8735 South & Southeast Asia (2003) Michel -

*Prices and availability are subject to change without notice*

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