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Handheld Magnifiers

Waltex Transparent Plastic Magnifiers

The two styles of magnifiers are great for the beginner or for those wanting an inexpensive quality magnifier.
There is the choice of 3X only or 3X with an extra 5X bi-focal lens in the handle.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7544 3X & 5X $2.50
MAG7516 3X $1.95

Waltex Bi-Focal Round Magnifiers

Sturdy all plastic magnifiers. One piece frame and handle with contour grip. Clear acrylic lens with high power bifocal lens. Range of sizes to suit your needs. Individually boxed.

Ref. # Description Size Price
MAG7507 2X & 4X 3" $7.95
MAG7508 2X & 4X 2.5" $6.95
MAG7509 3X & 6X 2" $5.95
MAG7515 2X & 4X 3.5" $10.95
MAG7522 Display Stand with 12 magnifiers (4 ea. of MAG7507-MAG7509) Various $89.95

Bausch & Lomb Magnifiers

Ref. # Description Size Price
MAG3302 Round Reader 2" $23.95
MAG3303 Round Reader 3" $32.95
MAG3304 Round Reader 4" $49.50
MAG3305 Round Reader 5" $70.50
MAG3376 Rectangular Reader 2" x 4" $35.95

Uni-Safe Deluxe Readers

High quality glass lens, chrome frame with wooden handle.

Ref. # Description Size Price
MAG9076W Round reading glass 4.5" $35.95
MAG9077W Round reading glass 5" $51.95

Uni-Safe Bowline Readers

Glass lenses with sturdy plastic frames.

Ref. # Description Size Price
MAG71636/4 Black handle 4" $16.95
MAG6006 Grey handle 4" $16.95

Uni-Safe Round Readers

All Uni-Safe readers feature attractive, durable, chrome-plated steel frames complimented by highly polished, sturdy black plastic handles.

Ref. # Description Size Price
MAG0041 2.5X Round 2" $7.50
MAG0042 2.5X Round 2.5" $8.95
MAG0043 2.5X Round 3" $10.50
MAG0045 2X Round 3.5" $13.50
MAG0046 2X Round 4" $17.50
MAG0047 2X Round 4.5" $20.95
MAG0050 2X Round 5" $23.95

Uni-Safe Rectangular Readers

Ref. # Description Photo Price
MAG0048 2" x 3" metal frame $15.95
MAG0049 2" x 4" metal frame $22.95
MAG8035 2" x 4" plastic frame   $11.95

Illuminated Magnifiers

Uni-Safe LED Illuminated Magnifier

Complete with carrying case, this portable 3.2X magnifier has 6-LED's to completely illuminate the object to be magnified.
It has a glass lens and aluminum casing and comes complete with 2 AA batteries.
Total length: 7" (1763mm). Lens diameter: 1-1/2" (37mm).

Ref. # Description Price
LED32 LED Illuminated Magnifier $29.95

Uni-Safe Jumbo LED Illuminated Magnifier

Complete with carrying case, this magnifier is a larger variant of our popular LED magnifier.
This 3.2X magnifier has 8-LEDs, with variable settings of either 4 or 8 illuminated LEDs.

It has a glass lens and aluminum casing and comes complete with 2 AA batteries.
Total length: 8.25" (210mm). Lens diameter: 2.1875" (55mm).

Jumbo LED

Ref. # Description Price
LED32J Jumbo LED Illuminated Magnifier $39.95

Illuminated Stand Magnifier

Features a 3" diameter glass lens with moderate magnification. The light and lens can be adjusted.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG5010 Illuminated Stand Magnifier $36.95

Lumagny Illuminated Magnifiers

This is a compact, hand-held unit with a 1" lens. It is ideal for artists, photographers, hobbyists, etc. Uses 2 1.5 volt AA batteries.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7557 6X Illuminated Magnifier $9.95

Lumagny 2X - 4X Illuminated Magnifiers

The large viewing area of this hand-held magnifier makes it great for reading or for hobbies.
The 2.5" x 2.5" lens allows the user to view the whole object, such as a stamp or coin, at a time.
The main lens is 2X and the extra bi-focal lens is 4X.
Takes 4 AA batteries.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7503 2X - 4X Illuminated Magnifier $18.95

Lumagny Illuminated Magnifiers

These compact handheld magnifiers are available in a range of sizes to suit different collectors.
They are made of durable plastic with clear acrylic, rectangular lenses.
#7502 & #7535 use 2 AAA batteries, #'s 7536-7538 use 2 AA batteries.

Ref. # Description Lens Size Photo Price
MAG7502 3X Illuminated Magnifier 1.125"   $8.95
MAG7535 3X Illuminated Magnifier 1.25" $8.50
MAG7536 3X Illuminated Magnifier 1.5" $8.95
MAG7537 2X Illuminated Magnifier 2" $9.50
MAG7538 3X Illuminated Magnifier 2" $9.95

Lumagny Dual-Lens Illuminated Magnifiers

Similar in construction to the #7535-7538 magnifiers but with an additional higher power lens in the bottom of the handle.
Uses 2 AA batteries.

Ref. # Description Photo Price
MAG7510 Large, 2X & 6X Illuminated Magnifier $12.50
MAG7511 Medium, 2X & 8X Illuminated Magnifier $11.95
MAG7512 Small, 3X & 10X Illuminated Magnifier $10.50

Lumagny Rectangular Illuminated Magnifiers

This 2" x 4" rectangular magnifier is ideal for reading or viewing any object. The light switch is located on the handle for easy thumb access.
The reflector behind the light can be reversed to allow the magnifier to be used by the left or right hands.
The main lens is 1.5 power while the bi-focal lens is 3X power.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7543 Rectangular Illuminated Magnifier $20.95

Lumagny Illuminated Stand Magnifiers

This large size magnifier can be placed over an object. The 3.25" lens allows for a large viewing area.
The 2 AA batteries and bulb can easily be replaced because of the removable battery box attached to the side.
The 2X magnification makes it ideal for reading newsprint or telephone books.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7542 Illuminated Stand Magnifier $13.95

Waltex Illuminated Magnifier

1" diameter, 8X scale magnifier with 0.1mm ruler markings and adjustable focus.

Ref. # Description Price
7580 Waltex Illuminated Magnifier $12.95

Rectangular Illuminated Magnifiers

These units have a self-contained light that floods the reading area with light. 2" x 4" lens.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7543 Rectangular Magnifier $20.95

Uni-Safe Round Illuminated Magnifiers

Sturdy plastic case with built-in light. Operates on 2 AA batteries (not included).

Ref. # Description Price
MAG0033 2" Illuminated Round Magnifier $7.95
MAG0034 3" Illuminated Round Magnifier $12.95

Peak Light 3.5X Illuminated Loupe Magnifiers

The finest flash magnifiers available - top quality optics with unique functional designs.
These units feature a light that works from a pair of 1.5V batteries (not included).
The flashlight is made of metal and the lens is shielded by a hard, high-impact styrol.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1987 3.5X Light Loupe Magnifier $56.95

Peak Light 10X Illuminated Loupe Magnifiers

The flashlight case is made of metal and the crystal clear lens is shielded by a hard, plastic holder.
Uses 2 1.5V batteries (not included).

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1966 10X Light Loupe Magnifier $44.95

Peak 30X Illuminated Loupe Magnifiers

The loupe is composed of four lenses in two groups, with a light to aid in detecting finer details in objects.
It is designed to give the widest image field when the hood of the loupe is pressed tightly against the users
face with one hand while the other hand holds the object to be inspected and adjusts its distance from the loupe for focusing.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1996L Peak 30X Loupe (Illuminated) $111.95

Folding Combination LED/UV Triplet Loupe

A practical magnifier that can be switched between illuminating LED or a revealing UV light.
This folding 10X magnifier has a 21mm diameter lens, comes with a faux-leather case and battery.

LED/UV Loupe

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7802 Folding Combination LED/UV Triplet Loupe $49.95

Folding Pocket LED/UV Magnifier

Pocket LED/UV Mag

This affordable magnifier has a plastic 38mm lens, 10X magnification and both LED and UV illumination.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG3201 Folding LED/UV Loupe - with plastic lens $12.95

Folding LED Loupe

Illuminated, LED power, 20X, 18mm loupe, batteries included. Switch is accessible only when magnifier is open.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7118 Folding LED Loupe $11.95

Bausch & Lomb Compact Illuminated Magnifier

Illuminated magnification in a convenient size. Stores in its own protective case.
Push buttons first to release the large 2" lens, again to light the lamp.
2 AAA batteries included.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG9013 B & L Compact Lighted Magnifier $52.95

Bausch & Lomb Illuminated Coddington 10X Magnifier

The illuminated Coddington magnifier provides sufficient light on the object being viewed.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG3434 B & L Illuminated Coddington 10X Magnifier $68.95

Stand Magnifiers

Waltex 3X Stand Magnifiers

A very useful 3X stand magnifier with fixed focus. The lens is 1.375" x 1.75".
A complete stamp or coin can be seen in the viewing area. The large clear base allows ample light on the object to be viewed.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7532 Waltex 3X Stand Magnifier $9.95

Waltex 6X Classical Stand Magnifiers

A 2.5" diameter circular stand magnifier with a clear base that allows ample light on the object to be viewed.
The lens size is 1.75" and the magnifier height is 2". No focusing is required. A good size magnifier for viewing stamps or coins.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7555 Waltex 6X Classical Stand Magnifier $13.95

Tripod Loupe Magnifiers

Focusing loupe stands on three legs. The unit is focused by screwing the lens on the base.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG3116 8X Tripod Magnifier, 18mm lens $17.95

Peak 5X Loupe Magnifiers

This very practical magnifier has a tall acrylic base which allows plenty of light to fall on the object to be magnified. 25mm lens.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1960 Peak 5X Loupe $16.95

Peak Mini Comparator 7X Loupe Magnifiers

This Peak Mini Comparator is a handy and accurate optical measuring instrument composed of a combination of lenses and a scale.
The double type achromatic lens gives very sharp resolution. The magnifier has a multiple threaded lens to allow for smooth focusing.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2015 Peak Mini Comparator $72.95

Peak Telecentric 7X Loupe Magnifiers

A special purpose loupe that will measure the length of an object with the affixed transparent glass scale.
The magnifying optical system of this loupe is not conventional in that you can measure the length or width of
not only flat but also three-dimensional ones such as small spheres, cylinders, etc., without the errors caused by parallax.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1999 Peak Telecentric 7X Loupe $260.95

Peak 8X Loupe Magnifiers

The Peak 8X magnifier is a high performance and well designed magnifier.
The magnifier is specially made to cover the entire 24mm x 36mm picture frames of 35mm film.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2018 Peak 8X Loupe $56.95

Peak Plalupe 7X Loupe Magnifiers

An all purpose magnifier that lets plenty of light on the subject. Two lenses give sharp detail. A very economical magnifier for the hobbyist.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2032 Peak Plalupe 10X Loupe $17.95

Peak Sucking 10X Loupe Magnifiers

The magnifier has a rubber suction attachment which will adhere to the focal pane glass by vacuum suction.
It can be easily detached after focusing has been completed.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1993 Peak Sucking 10X Loupe $36.50

Peak 15X Loupe Magnifiers

A very handy double lens magnifier. Ideal for detecting flaws or repairs in stamps.
A top quality magnifier for those needing the extra magnification. 20mm lens.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1962 Peak 15X Loupe $35.95

Peak 30X Loupe Magnifiers

The same magnifier as the Peak 30X Illuminated, but without the light.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1996 Peak 30X Loupe $81.95

Peak 15X & 30X Scale Loupe Magnifiers

The Peak Scale Loupe is a wide field, 15X or 30X magnifying glass combined with a graduated scale glass.
The magnifier was designed to correct the curvature of field and the lateral aberrations caused by a combination of four lenses.
All air-to-glass surfaces of the lenses are multi-coated to reduce internal reflections.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2016 Peak 15X Scale Loupe $137.95
MAG2037 Peak 30X Scale Loupe $161.95

Peak Swing Loupe Magnifiers

A most useful magnifier with a coated achromatic lens composed of a two component, three element construction.
Features a swing lens support. After focusing, the hands are left free.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2021-15 Peak 15X, 19mm lens Swing Loupe $96.95
MAG2021-22 Peak 30X, 11mm lens Swing Loupe $104.95

Bausch & Lomb Measuring Loupe Magnifiers

Ref. # Description Price
MAG3402   $12.95
MAG3435 7X with case without scale $148.95
MAG3436 General purpose scale only $84.50
MAG3437 Inch scale only $84.50
MAG3438 Metric scale only $84.50
MAG3439 Protractor scale only $78.95

Adjustable Stand Magnifiers

Glass lens in chrome plated brass mount. Screw clamp with double ball joints provides movement to any position. Weighted metal base.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG350/1 2" Adjustable Stand Magnifier $19.95
MAG350/2 2.5" Adjustable Stand Magnifier $21.95
MAG350/3 3" Adjustable Stand Magnifier $22.95

Gooseneck Magnifiers

Ideal for inspection or working on hobbies or crafts. Glass lens in chrome mount with 12" long flexible arm for longer reach.
Positive balance stand.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG6053 3" Gooseneck Magnifier $34.95
MAG6054 3.5" Gooseneck Magnifier $45.95
MAG6055 4" Gooseneck Magnifier $48.95

Standlupe Desk Magnifiers

A great magnifier for examining coins or stamps. Just place the item on a flat surface and the place the magnifier on top.
A 2.5X lens with clear supports to allow plenty of light for easy viewing.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7102 2.125" Standlupe Magnifier $38.50

Peak Stereo Viewers

A simple device designed for viewing a pair of aerial photos in three dimensions.
The viewer is supported by two metal legs which are unfolded to a standing position.
The lenses can be adjusted for eye-too-eye width. The coated lenses are 32mm in diameter.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1994-2 Peak 2X Stereo Viewer $66.95
MAG1994-4 Peak 4X Stereo Viewer $80.95

Watchmaker/Jeweller Loupes


Popular and economically priced loupes. Easily cup under eyebrow leaving both hands free.

Ref. # Description Photo Price
MAG7035 5X Loupe, 23mm lens $5.95
MAG7037 10X Loupe, 23mm lens $6.95
MAG2201 5X Loupe, 25mm lens $14.95
MAG8008 12X Loupe, Double lens   $11.95

Bausch & Lomb Loupe Magnifiers

Lightweight and sturdy plastic mounts. "H" eye loupes with flexible flat wire headband.

Ref. # Description Photo Price
MAG4105 4X, 7X Loupe, 12mm & 25mm lenses $56.95
MAG4106 7X Loupe   $56.95
MAG4108 18X, 8X Loupe, 22mm & 12mm lenses $63.95
MAG4113 10X Hastings Loupe   $110.50
MAG4114 Headband for loupes   $23.95
MAG4156 7X, 4X Ray Ban 12mm & 22mm lens "H"   $29.50
MAG4157 4X Ray Ban 25mm lens "H"   $74.95
MAG4166 Ray Ban 4X to 7X   $70.50
MAG4170 10X Loupe, 25mm lens $32.95
MAG4171 7X Loupe, 25mm lens   $27.95
MAG4172 5X Loupe, 25mm lens $37.95
MAG4173 4X Loupe, 25mm lens $27.95
MAG4174 3.3X Watchmakers Loupe $27.95
MAG4178 4X-7X Loupe $91.95
MAG4179 3X-5X Loupe   $91.95
MAG4191 7X Loupe, 25mm lens "H" $15.50
MAG4193 4X Loupe, 25mm lens "H" $14.95
MAG4196 2.5X Loupe, 25mm lens "H" $13.95

Ref. # Description Price
MAG4153 3X Eyeglass Loupe $68.50
MAG4137 5X Eyeglass Loupe $71.95
MAG4154 4X Eyeglass Loupe $70.50
MAG4155 5X Eyeglass Loupe $71.95
MAG4127 4X Metal Eyeglass Loupe $70.50
MAG4147 7X Metal Eyeglass Loupe $74.95

Linen Tester Magnifiers

These popular folding magnifiers have uses for countless people - from stamp collectors to industrial engineers.
It's widely used because of its fixed focus and calibrated white scale on its base. Folds to vest pocket size.
All have metal casing except for #3449 and #7576.

Ref. # Description   Price
MAG14109 5X with LED   $6.95
MAG7549 Waltex 5X   $6.95
MAG7550 Waltex 8X   $5.95
MAG2827 Spring type, 13mm lens $9.95
MAG752 Black 10X, 13mm single lens   $10.95
MAG755 Black 6X, 28mm single lens $19.95
MAG755L Black 6X, 28mm single lens with powerful LED   $21.95
MAG755D Black 6X, 28mm double lens $21.95
MAG3300 Similar to 755D, made in Japan   $24.95
MAG3449 Bausch & Lomb 5X, inch & mm scales in base. Rigid plastic case. 25mm lens   $23.50
MAG3476 Double lens 3.5X   $80.95
MAG7576 Lumagny Illuminated 3.5" 2X/4X round lens   $18.95
MAG755L Linen tester, with LED   $21.95

Pocket Magnifiers

Carton Precision Doublet Loupe Magnifier

Precise coated 2-lens system. Superior definition and colour correction. Satin finished metal holder.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2721 Carton 15mm Doublet 10X magnifier $8.95
MAG2722/10 Carton 20mm Doublet 10X magnifier $16.95
MAG2722/16 Carton 20mm Doublet 16X magnifier $17.95
MAGJ2722/10 Carton 28MM Doublet 10X magnifier (Jumbo) $24.95
MAGJ2722/16 Carton 28mm Doublet 16X magnifier (Jumbo) $26.95
MAG7083 Carton Doublet 20X magnifier $26.95

Ruper Precision Loupe Magnifier

Superior double-lens with excellent definition. Fold-out pocket magnifiers in chromed metal holder.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG702W Ruper 7mm & 10mm Loupes, 10X & 15X lenses $14.95
MAG705W Ruper 13mm & 25mm Loupes, 10X & 20X lenses $36.95
MAG707 Ruper 13mm, 12X (3X, 4X & 5X lenses) $33.95

Bausch & Lomb Precision Coddington Loupe Magnifier

Sharp, crisp image. The correction is achieved through the use of a single thick lens with a central groove diaphragm.

Ref. # Description Photo Price
MAG6131 B & L 10mm Coddington 10X $61.95
MAG6135 B & L 10mm Coddington 14X $67.50
MAG6141 B & L 8mm Coddington 20X $74.95

Bausch & Lomb Precision 20X Doublet Loupe Magnifier

A 20X doublet loupe similar in style to the above. 13mm lens. Handy pocket size with metal casing.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7083 B & L 13mm Doublet 20X $26.95

Bausch & Lomb Precision Hasting Triplet Loupe Magnifier

A 20X doublet loupe similar in style to the above. 13mm lens. Handy pocket size with metal casing.

Ref. # Description Photo Price
MAG6168 B & L 7X Hastings Triplet $132.95
MAG6171 B & L 10X Hastings Triplet, 10mm lens $99.50
MAG6175 B & L 14X Hastings Triplet, 10mm lens $117.50
MAG6181 B & L 20X Hastings Triplet   $117.50

Achromatic Loupe Magnifier

Loupe enclosed in a chrome plated brass frame. Comes with a vinyl case.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2064 Achromatic 20X, 15mm lens magnifier $61.95

Waltex 2X/4X Folding Rectangular Magnifier

This handy magnifier is very similar to standard 2" x 4" readers.
The main difference is the handle which folds down to make this a very portable pocket size magnifier.
The main lens is 2X and the bi-focal lens is 4X. It comes complete with its own durable snap pouch.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7548 Waltex 2X/4X Rectangular Folding Magnifier $16.50

Waltex 3X Pocket Magnifier

A handy pocket magnifier with a 1.375" diameter lens which swings in and out of the hard plastic protective case.
The rugged construction of this magnifier makes it a great pocket magnifier. Includes a vinyl slide-in case for extra protection.

Ref. # Description Colour Price
MAG7523 Waltex 3X Pocket Magnifier Green $6.95
MAG7524 Waltex 3X Pocket Magnifier Blue $6.95

Waltex 3X/5X Pocket Magnifier

The clear acrylic lens swings out of a padded leatherette case. This 3X lens has measurements of approximately 1.5" x 2".
In the corner of the main 3X lens is a bi-focal lens of 5X.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7541 Waltex 3X/5X Pocket Magnifier $4.95

Waltex 2X Pocket Sliding Magnifier

The ideal magnifier for reading maps, street guides, dictionaries, newspapers, telephone directories, etc.
The 1.25" x 2.375" lens has a sturdy plastic frame which slides into a heavy plastic case.
The case serves as the magnifier handle. A great all-purpose magnifier.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7505 Waltex 2X Pocket Sliding Magnifier $7.95

Waltex 3X Pocket Sliding Magnifier

The 1.125" square lens is housed in a sturdy frame which slides into a heavy protective plastic case.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7506 Waltex 3X Pocket Sliding Magnifier $4.95

Waltex 4X/6X/10X Pocket Magnifier

All plastic construction makes this a very durable magnifier.
Two swing-out lenses, 1-4X, 1-6X can be used separately or together to give a combined 10X magnification.
Each lens is 0.75" in diameter.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7534 Waltex 4X/6X/10X double lens magnifier $8.95

Flip-Out Magnifiers

Just one touch of a button releases the spring-loaded magnifying lens hidden inside of a plastic case.
Compact frame makes it easy to store and carry. Sturdy plastic case protects the acrylic lens.

Ref. # Description Price
MAGR7521 2X, 45mm lens, Burgundy case magnifier $9.95
MAGR7523 2X, 45mm lens, Green case magnifier $9.95
MAGR7524 2X, 45mm lens, Blue case magnifier $9.95

Bausch & Lomb Pocket Magnifier

Protective hard plastic cases which act as a handle when opened. A smart luxury styled accessory for pocket or purse.
These magnifiers have an excellent field of view. Protective case snaps open; clicks shut.
Lens is pure optical plastic molded to precision standards.

Ref. # Description Photo Price
MAG3133 Bausch & Lomb 5X Packet Magnifier $19.95
MAG2332 Bausch & Lomb 3X Packet Magnifier $19.95

Bausch & Lomb Attached Case Folding Magnifier - Pliable Case

Available in 2" size. Doubles the image size and provides a wide field of view. The 2" lens is of fine optical glass.
Finished to precision standards.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2605 B & L Attached Pliable Case 2" Magnifier $27.50

Bausch & Lomb Attached Case Folding Magnifier - Hard Case

Available in a wide variety of powers, 4X to 20X. Models with two and three lenses can be used alone or in combination to
produce several different powers. E.g. 2-lens units have 3 different magnifications and 3-lens units have 7 different magnifications.
Lenses of optical glass and cases of durable plastic.

Ref. # Description Powers Photo Price
MAG2354 1 lens 4X   $35.95
MAG2363 35mm lens, 2 lens 3X - 7X $52.95
MAG2364 23mm lens, 2 lens 4X - 9X   $50.50
MAG2365 20.3mm lens, 2 lens 5X - 12X   $50.50
MAG2367 17.2mm lens, 3 lens 5X - 20X   $60.95

Uni-Safe Folding Pocket Magnifier

This optically ground glass lens folds into its own colourful vinyl carrying case. 

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7011 Uni-Safe 2" Folding Magnifier $5.95

Uni-Safe Plastic Folding Pocket Loupes

Powerful Uni-Safe folding magnifiers are ideal for stamp and coin collectors.
An inexpensive glass with high power. Plastic frame and housing.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7051 Uni-Safe 1" diameter Single Lens, 5X magnifier $2.95
MAG7052 Uni-Safe 1" diameter Double Lens, 10X magnifier $4.95
MAG7061 Uni-Safe 1.25" diameter Single Lens, 4X magnifier $3.95
MAG7062 Uni-Safe 1.25" diameter Double Lens, 8X magnifier $6.50
MAG7072 Uni-Safe 22mm diameter Double Lens, 8X magnifier $4.50
MAG7073 Uni-Safe 22mm diameter Triple Lens, 10X magnifier $6.50

U-A Illuminated Desk Magnifiers

U-A lamps provide many advantages over conventional desk lamps.
The sturdy, extendable, enamelled-steel arm permits precise positioning of the lamp above the working surface.
The circular 22 watt fluorescent tube provides uniform illumination of the work area while the 5" diameter lens offers 3X magnification for all your fine-detail jobs.

U-A LTS-120 Baseless Magnifier Lamp

Baseless models can be clamped to desk or drafting table to provide the illumination and magnification
required for close-up inspection of stamps, coins, circuit boards, intricate drawings,
needlework, miniature models, fine print or any other fine detail job.

Ref. # Description Price
LTS-120 Baseless Magnifier Lamp $99.95

U-A LTS-112 Baseless Magnifier Lamp

The LTS-112 is equipped with an optically ground, 3 diameter glass lens and
a D-clamp for easy attachment to any desk, table or drafting board.
The LTS-112 has a 32" arm with a flexible wrist, and operates on a 60 watt light bulb (not included).

Ref. # Description Price
LTS-112 Baseless Magnifier Lamp $29.95

U-A SL-113 Baseless Combination Lamp

The aluminum reflector contains sockets for both a 75 watt incandescent bulb and a circular 22 watt fluorescent tube.
A three-way switch enables the lamp to be used as an incandescent reading lamp, a fluorescent lamp, or a
combination of both to produce natural daylight. 45" reach and aluminum shade.
Complete with G-clamp for easy attachment to any desk, table or drafting board, and a 22 watt circular fluorescent tube lamp.

Ref. # Description Price
SL-113 Baseless Magnifier Lamp $99.95

U-A LTS-122 Baseless Twin Fluorescent Lamp

The heavy-duty metal shade comes fitted with two 15 way fluorescent tubes (one daylight, one cool light) for maximum distribution of light.
Also provided is a G-clamp for easy attachment to any desk, table or drafting board.

Ref. # Description Price
LTS-122 Baseless Twin Fluorescent Lamp $99.95

U-A LTS-711 Fluorescent Desk Lamp

The deluxe LTS-711 is an attractive addition to any desk top. Fully adjustable, with heavy-duty base, the lamp can be placed in any position. The plastic shade can be rotated 30° to either side. This lamp has a piano-key on/off switch and comes complete with 18", 15 watt fluorescent tube. Available in white, red or black.

Ref. # Description Price
LTS-711 Fluorescent Desk Lamp $66.95

Headband & Neckband Loupes

Peak Head Lupe

This Head Lupe is extremely lightweight, allows clear, wide angle vision and can be used with eyeglasses. The magnification is 2.2X with the regular lenses or 3.3X with the flip-down lenses.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2035 Peak Head Lupe $71.95

Head Band Magnifier

A favourite for hobbyists and shop workers handling detail over a long period of time. Scratch resistant lenses. You can view at 2X, 3X, 4X or 5X. Features a padded headband. Has illumination and extra lens for close viewing.

Ref. # Description Price
81001F Head Band Magnifier $29.95

Bausch & Lomb Magni-Viewer Magnifier

The large lens (4" x 5") provides a super-large viewing area that covers most book widths and full work areas. Made of optical grade acrylic plastic, the lens is crystal clear. The support cord is easily adjustable.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG3390 B & L Magni-Viewer Magnifier $80.95


Lumagny 30X Illuminated Microscope

This is a handy microscope with built-in illumination. It has a specially designed vertical-sliding condenser for directing the concentrated light on the object to be viewed.. The focusing can be easily adjusted to obtain the sharpest vision.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7513 Lumagny 30X Illuminated Microscope $22.95

Lumagny 50X Illuminated Microscope

This is basically the same unit as above but with a 50X magnification.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7529 Lumagny 50X Illuminated Microscope $24.50

Lumagny 40X Illuminated Pocket Microscope

A similar magnifier to the above two items, but in a pocket size with 40X magnification.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7530 Lumagny 40X Illuminated Pocket Microscope $19.50

Lumagny Illuminated Pocket "Zoom" Microscope

The high power of this magnifier and the "zoom" lens makes it perfect for checking printed circuit boards, medical use, geology and stamp or coin collections. A slide-switch adjusts the power to 60X, 80X or 100X. Focusing is controlled by a wheel on the side.
The bulb can be rotated to aim light directly at the object to be viewed. Uses 2 AA batteries. Comes complete with carrying case.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG75017 Lumagny 60X-100X Illuminated Pocket "Zoom" Microscope $29.95

Waltex 15X Illuminated Microscopes

This compact magnifier is easily focused by means of a wheel on the side. It can be placed directly on a flat surface of the item with no movement of the magnifier required for focusing. The base is made of clear acrylic to allow ample light for viewing.
Ideal for detecting flaws or repairs in stamps.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG7526 Waltex 15X microscope $8.50
MAG7527 Waltex 15X microscope - with added light box $12.95

Carton Microscope

Dual purpose versatile microscope. Built-in 2-way illuminators. Contains a fixed 10X eyepiece and objective lenses of 5X, 7.5X, 20X and 30X. Comes complete with a variety of accessories including dissecting needle, pipette, spare bulb, prepared slide, 4 blank slides and various specimens. Ideal for industrial use - textiles, tool inspection, printing and others.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG471 Carton Microscope $239.95

Carton Shop Microscopes

For printing, machining, inspections, measurements, etc. This unit has a single eyepiece with pinpoint accurate focusing by means of a geared wheel. These microscopes are available in 40X, 60X or 100X powers. Each unit has a detachable penlight to light the  viewed object.
The light uses 2 AA batteries. Items can be measured by way of the attached scale in 0.001" or 0.02mm.

Ref. # Description Photo Price
M1731 Carton Shop Microscope - 100X   $512.95
M1732 Carton Shop Microscope - 60X $478.95
M1733 Carton Shop Microscope - 40X   $490.95

Measuring Microscopes

A single eyepiece 10X microscope which has a very precise focusing adjustment for an extremely sharp image. This unit can measure as little as 0.05mm up to 6.0mm. Ideal for any hobby, it also has a slide holder for scientific use. Made of sturdy metal this microscope is an excellent choice for the collector who demands perfection. Made in Japan.

Ref. # Description Price
SDM/S Measuring Microscope $417.95

Tele-Micro Pocket Scope

Can be used as a microscope or a telescope. As a microscope it can enlarge objects not visible to the naked eye. as a telescope it's easy to adjust and gives high magnification. Fountain pen size with pocket clip.

Ref. # Description Photo Price
MAG164 Tele-Micro Pocket Scope $4.95

Digital Microscopes

Celestron Digital Microscope - $79.95

Celestron Desktop Digital Microscope - $69.95

Celestron Portable Digital Microscope - $119.95

Celestron Portable Digital Microscope - $109.95

Miscellaneous Magnifiers

Bar Magnifiers

A unique type of magnifier. The bar magnifier differs from other magnifiers in its shape (a long cylinder, flat on one side) in that it lies directly on top of the material to be read. Requires no focusing.

Bausch & Lomb Bar Magnifiers

Doubles the height of letters. Magnifies two lines of type at a time. Complete with vinyl case. Made of pure optical plastic.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG2617 B & L Magna-Bar, 5.25" long $14.95
MAG2618 B & L Magna-Rule, 12" long $20.95

Carton Bar Magnifier with Scale

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1008 Carton Bar Magnifier with Scale - 5.25" plastic $3.95
MAG1009 Carton Bar Magnifier with Scale - 12" plastic $5.95

Sheet Magnifiers

An amazing device that enables you to magnify extremely large areas. Its variable focal length eliminates any need for focusing. Made of unbreakable plastic.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG1035 215mm x 280mm $4.95
MAG1037 215mm x 330mm $5.95

Wallet Magnifier

Paper thin! Light! Unbreakable! Inexpensive! Yet the lens magnification is remarkable. Handy for enlarging small print, telephone directories, charts, etc. Credit card size will fit in wallet.

Ref. # Description Price
MAG018 3.25" x 2.125" wallet size magnifier $1.95

*Prices and availability are subject to change without notice*

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