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Canadian Albums and Supplements

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Canada Junior | Davo | Harris | Jarrett | Jacques Cartier | Lindner | Minkus
Schaubek | Scott | CWS (Parliament Eng./Fre., Unity Eng./Fre.)


Canada Junior Album

By far the best beginner's album on the market today. Each stamp is identified by an illustration and a Scott number.
Descriptions throughout the album give the collector historical information on
each stamp and the quality pages are housed in a 3-ring binder.
Supplements available annually.

Ref. # Description Price
UA1000B Binder Only
UA1000 Complete album up to 2012
UA1000K Junior Kit (hinges, tongs, stamps, and more), up to 2012

Canada Junior Supplements

Annual Supplements
Year Price
20 blank pages


Canada Album - Special

Top quality, pure white cartridge leaves in an embossed, padded, two-post binder with a durable, matching slipcase.
Regular edition without mounts.

Annual Supplements
Year Price (Hingeless) Price (Regular)
2012 $76.50 $41.95
2011 $63.50 $31.50
2010 $55.95 $29.95

Canada Albums with Slipcase

In the Hingeless albums, each stamp has its own polystyrol pocket for maximum protection.


Ref. # Description Hingeless Regular

Vol. 1 1851-1969

Vol. 2 1970-1985

Vol. 3 1986-1999

Vol. 4 2000-2006

Vol. 5 2007-2013

Vol. 6 2014
Special 6-Volume Hingeless Set to 2014

$1450.50 net (reg. $1605.95)


Canada and Provinces Album 2 Vol. Album

A comprehensive album covering every stamp for Canada,
B.C., Vancouver Island, N.B., Nfld., N.S. and P.E.I.
Pages printed one side. Housed in an attractive vinyl binder. Complete through 2010.

Ref. # Description Price
1HRS32 Album - Special $93.95
HARBU300 Binder

Annual Supplements
Year Price
2013 $16.95
2012 $16.95
2011 $16.95


Jarrett Canada Supplements

The Jarrett Canada album was discontinued, but the annual supplements are still available; please contact for pricing.

Jacques Cartier

Canada's only 100% bilingual album. A complete, well illustrated album for the stamps of Canada.
Pages are heavy bristol stock, printed one side only in a luxuriously padded blue 3-ring binder with gold graphic design.
Features include: issue date, mintage for each stamp plus space for miniature panes.

Ref. # Description Price
U1900B Binder
U1900BL Blank pages (10)
U1900S Matching slipcase
U1900 2012 Pt. 1 Supplement pt. 1
U1900 2012 Pt. 2 Supplement pt. 2 - Specialty
U1900 2011 Supplement
U1900 2010 Supplement


Canada Hingeless Supplements

Pages are made of wood-free high quality paper. Each page has a clear acid-free overlay sheet with pockets to hold stamps.
The complete stamp, is fully protected and t
he back of each stamp can be inspected by simply turning the page.
Housed in two 18-ring padded binders with slipcases.

Annual Supplements
Ref. # Description Price
T500ES 1851-2006 $1221.95
T500/53ES 1953-2006 $1099.95


Canada Album

The Minkus Canada album has been discontinued. Only binders, slipcases, blank pages and supplements are available.

Ref. # Description Price
MCAB Binder only $14.95
MMMCA Slipcase for above $14.95

U/A Annual Supplements
Year Price
2012 $16.95
2011 $12.95
2010 $11.95


Regular Canada Album

Printed one side on heavy wood-free vellum paper. 1851-2002. Wine red padded spring-back binder.

Ref. # Description Price
R944 Regular price... $600.80

Special price... $534.50

Canada "Brilliant" Hingeless Album

Housed in two green spring-back binders, the pages are made from heavy woof-free velum.
Featuring the "Schaufix" mount with two opposite seams for maximum security, complete protection from damage or adhesion.
Every stamp inserted can be examined from the back without removal from the "Schaufix" mount.

Ref. # Description Price
SCH800P Hingeless 1851-2003 in 2 binders $1303.95
SCH800 Canada spring-back binder only. Available in wine red and green. $82.50
SCH800SC Matching slipcase. Available in wine red and green. $31.95

Matching slipcase. Available in wine red and green vinyl. $19.95
SCH800SP Special: 1851-2002 complete in 2 green binders with matching slipcases (green only) $595.95


Master Canada Album

The fully illustrated pages are housed in a sturdy, attractive, washable binder and each page has stamp descriptions and Scott numbers.

Annual Supplements
Year Price
2012 $34.95
2011 $14.95
2010 $11.95

CWS (Parliament, Unity, etc.)

A complete, well illustrated album for the stamps of Canada.
There are English and French versions of the Parliament and Unity albums/supplements.
Unity supplements are in colour.

Ref. # Description Price
U1905A Parliament Album, Vol.1 1851 to 1980
U1905B Parliament Album, Vol.2 1981 to 2000
U1905C Parliament Album, Vol.3 2001 to 2009
U1906A Unity / UNI (French) Album, Vol.1 1851 to 1980
U1906B Unity / UNI (French) Album, Vol.2 1981 to 2000
U1906C Unity / UNI (French) Album, Vol.3 2001 to 2009
U1906D Unity / UNI (French) Album, Vol. 4 2010 to 2012

*Prices and availability are subject to change without notice*

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